Air Conditioning

Air Condition

The AC in your car does a lot more than just providing a comfortable atmosphere in the cabin. If it is in proper working condition, it helps in improving the air quality inside the vehicle by filtering pollutants, pollen, and airborne contaminants. It is your job to make sure it continues to function properly.

Over time, the air conditioning system of your car loses the refrigerant gas. It mainly happens when you don’t use it often enough. If you face any issue with your vehicles AC, you can bring your car to RoadCircles for an air conditioning service at our garage anywhere across the UK. We have a team of qualified technicians who will inspect the system for you.

How often do you require the service?

It is recommended to service the AC once every two years. It helps to keep the system clean and its components in working order. When you avail our services, we will replenish the coolant and make sure all the necessary components are functional. You can refer to your car’s manual to know exactly how often you must avail this service.

What is included in our package?

When you bring your car to RoadCircles for air condition service, we inspect the system first. That includes:

  • Check for any possible leakage
  • Refrigerant level check
  • Temperature sensor functionality testing

Also, we examine the critical components of the system. That consists of the condenser, compressor, hoses and drive belts.

After performing the initial inspection, our technicians will let you know what needs to be done. Sometimes, a simple aircon regas is enough. We will recharge the refrigerant levels and lubricants as per the guidelines of the manufacturer.

In case we find a leak, component damage, or fault in the air conditioning system, we will inform you accordingly. Our technicians will recommend you the necessary repairs your car needs. They will perform the repairs if you agree to it. Upon the completion of the service, your vehicle will be fully functional.

Avail the service at RoadCircles

We aim to provide all possible car services to our customers to make sure their car performs in the best way possible. With our aircon service, we make sure your air conditioning system gets the care it needs. Visit RoadCircles anytime or book an appointment to avail our services. Whether you require air conditioning recharge or repair, you will get it all under one roof.