Car Battery


One of the primary causes of car breakdowns in the UK is a failure of the car battery. It is better to avoid such situations by regularly checking its health. Replacing the car battery before it gets completely dysfunctional is always a wiser choice.

If you are looking to replace your car battery, we have got you covered. At RoadCircles, we have hundreds of different type of products in stock. We offer all kinds of car batteries for all sorts of vehicles. If you are looking for something that will serve you for a long time, without burning a hole in your pocket, you should visit us today.

How long does a car battery last?

In general, car batteries are expected to have a lifespan of approximately five years. However, it is possible that your battery stops working before that.

Over the years, car technology has evolved a lot. As a result, there is more pressure on the battery, and its lifespan shortened significantly because of that. Nowadays, the 12v socket in your car is used for recharging iPods, mobile phones, etc. AC, electric windows and heated seats take a toll on the batteries too.

All that modern technology might be useful for your overall driving experience, but they drain the battery. Even something like stop-start systems, which is supposed to be good for the environment, put additional strain on the battery.

With so many factors potentially reducing the lifespan of your car battery, it is better to be aware of its condition. If you see any sign of degradation in battery performance, you should get it checked out. Our technicians at RoadCircles can help you with that. We can also assist you with tips to maintain your car battery at an optimal level, so it continues to function longer.

Get your car battery replacement from us

Of course, no matter how much you maintain your car battery, there comes a time when you have to replace it. RoadCircles can help you with that too. We stock quality products from different models and makes.

If you are haven’t made your mind or having trouble choosing a battery for your car, we can help you decide the right one. Our technicians will replace the car battery in no time. We will also test its performance to ensure it is functioning properly. Visit us today; you can also call us to schedule an appointment.