Engine Diagnostic


A car, or any machine for that matter, is not too different from a human body. Like any human body, it sometimes malfunctions. It also sometimes refuses to reveal the ailments. Cars can be fussy at times, just like you and me. Just like we use MRIs and CT scans to analyse what ails us, an engine diagnostic check-up reveals which area(s) of your car needs servicing.

Why is diagnostics important?

Engine diagnostics is what people generally mean when you ask them about the car diagnostics test. At RoadCircles, we provide expert opinion on engine diagnostic. Our decades of experience qualify us immensely to serve you.

The reason why engine diagnostic test should be done from time to time is that prevention is always better than cure. If there is something wrong with your car, the ECU or the Engine Control Unit, logs a snapshot of that problem. These prove to be of use later.

Diagnostics, however, is more than reading and jotting down details from the ECU. If you ask a car serviceman with experience what the most important upgrade in cars in the last decades has been, chances are that the answer will be the increasing computerisation of cars.

That’s right: as more and more computerisation happens, diagnosing a problem gets simpler. A proper diagnosis can tell what is wrong onboard: whether it is the engine, transmission, your car’s brakes, or something entirely different.

You might ask: if the ECU logs everything, why cannot I service my car by myself? Well, it is because these logs are not indicators of any problems per se. Rather, they show us where the problem might lie. Our mechanics do everything else the old-fashioned way.

How many times do I need diagnostics tests?

No two car manufacturers agree what the ideal time lapse between two diagnostics test should be. At RoadCircles, however, we know better. A car diagnostic should be done once every year.

Besides, if you feel that something is “off” with how your car is performing, you should bring it to our car service garage. Frequently, we see that many minor issues are not pinned down by the sensors. A cursory human inspection will locate them. This is where the driver’s instinct comes in.

Remember: car diagnostics is something that is extremely important, especially here in the UK where so many stringent, and often contradictory, laws are in place. Be sure to check out our facility. We are open for business every working day.