Exhaust Repair


Have you lately been noticing a growling noise whenever you turn on your engine? Do your co-passengers frequently complain about a pungent fuel-like smell? If so, then there is some problem with your car’s exhaust system.

But before we go any further, let us first see what makes up your exhaust system and the roles each component plays-

The exhaust system is an assortment of many parts like the exhaust manifold, mufflers, and the catalytic converter to name a few. What we see outside is just a little section of a pipe emitting gas. It is just a small portion of the entire system.

Various parts and their roles

Exhaust manifold: The primary function of this tubing is to combine exhaust gas from all cylinders in one pipe.

Mufflers: It dampens the level of sound that comes out in the process of combustion in the engine.

Exhaust pipe: It carries the gas from the manifold to the outside world.

Catalytic converter: They convert harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water vapour.

How often should you check your exhaust?

Experts, both at RoadCircles and other places, suggest a compulsory check-up every year.

If you are thinking of doing the same, bring over your car to us. Our technicians at exhaust repair garage are well equipped to sort out your exhaust-related issues.

Importance of an Exhaust

Controls excessive noise: The sound that comes from the combustion chamber is quite loud. The exhaust system makes sure that it stays within the stipulated limit by passing them through one of its essential component-a muffler, which absorbs most of the noise.

Checks the extent of emission: The combustion process is necessary to move your vehicle forward. However, this also results in the discharge of various poisonous gases which are indeed lethal. An essential part, known as a catalytic converter, comes to the rescue by converting them to vapour and carbon dioxide. Thus, an exhaust system significantly reduces air pollution.

Controls the temperature: The combustion process generates extreme temperatures which pass through the exhaust. Exhaust parts like the heat shields and thermal barrier coating absorb this excess heat without affecting the essential components of your vehicle.

Oxygen reading: The presence of excess oxygen in the exhaust can produce harmful gases like nitrogen oxide, while smaller amounts can leave behind unburnt fuel. Thus, the monitoring of the oxygen level becomes exceptionally crucial. The oxygen sensor is the part that keeps this in check.

How can it get damaged and what are the consequences

You should know as a regular commuter that once the engine starts revving, it exerts extreme thermal pressure. This can lead to severe damage to your car’s exhaust system. It usually happens due to the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of your vehicle.

Rust can also appear on the exhaust system or specific components of it. This results in the formation of cracks which leak deadly gases. If any of it leaks inside your cabin, you along with your friends or family can face serious health problems. The U.K. government is very stringent regarding rules concerning the emission of exhaust smoke. If you ever get caught with your car emitting visible smoke, there might be strict legal actions taken against you.

Hence, now is the right time to opt for a repair of your car exhaust, and even more so if you live in the U.K. So, come on over to RoadCircles, and we will positively resolve your issues.

Exhaust services at RoadCircles

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So, don’t waste time and call us to book an appointment!