Puncture Repair

Puncture Repairs

Imagine a situation, where you are driving to your office. Suddenly you hear a thud and feel like one side of the car is slowly dipping. This probably means your tyre has been punctured. The reason for this might be many; however, negligence towards your tyres is an apparent reason.

Always remember, whenever you have a flat tyre, gradually slow down and park your car nearby. Continuing to drive with a punctured tyre might adversely affect your wheels or sometimes even cause a fatal accident. The next step, of course, is to take your vehicle for a car tyre repair.

However, there is an exception. If you own a Run-Flat tyre, you can still move ahead, albeit at a slower speed. This is the advantage that these type of tyres provide as they have reinforced sidewalls, which prevents the rim from touching the ground. In case of a pressure drop, you can still roll on for a good fifty miles or so.

Some reasons why a tyre gets punctured

  • Damage in the valve stem.
  • A cut in the link between the tyre and the rim causing collision both amongst them and other external objects.
  • Completely worn out treads.

Our technicians at RoadCircles will be more than happy to brief you on the reasons mentioned above.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a technology that immediately notifies you when one of the tyres starts to lose pressure. Bring your car to one of our tyre repair garages, and we will fix your problem.

Things to keep in mind while going for puncture repair:

The engineer checks certain things before starting a repair. There are criteria, especially in the UK, which can prevent a mechanic from repairing your tyre.

Here are some of them:

  • If your tread depth is lower than 1.6mm.
  • Run flat damage.
  • Damage due to friction against the surface.
  • Deterioration in the quality of rubber components.
  • Exposed chords.
  • In case your tyre had been serviced before.

If your tyre has any of the symptoms mentioned above, then your tyre might very well be rendered unfit for service.

What are the steps to repair a punctured tyre?

Most vehicles nowadays come with a self-help kit that enables you to change your tyres when you require. But in case of severe damage, experts recommend you take your car for a complete tyre puncture repair.

An efficient garage like ours takes about thirty minutes to repair a punctured tyre. The mechanic starts off by deflating the tyre followed by separating it from the rim. Then he goes on to check whether the tyre can be repaired (it can’t be done if it possesses any of the above characteristics). After the proper assessment, the punctured tyre is fixed and attached to your rims, before mounting it on your car.

Puncture Repairs at RoadCircles

We, at RoadCircles have some of the most highly skilled engineers. Their goal is to provide you with a standard of service that you will not find anywhere else. Be it a worn tyre or a punctured one; our experts always attend to your issues the best way possible.

Hence, if you are looking to repair a punctured tyre, bring over your car to our tyre puncture repair centre and go back home a happy man. For more information, contact us whenever you please.