Suspension and Shock Absorbers


As the name would imply, the shock absorbers perform the job of absorbing impacts while you drive through uneven roads. This useful part sits near the wheels. As you drive through bumps along the road, they make sure you and your car remain as steady as possible. That way, shock absorbers make sure you don’t have an uncomfortable ride even on the worst possible terrain.

However, just like any other component of your car, shock absorbers can fail too. Some indications of that include deteriorated handling, stiffness, bouncing or banging in the cabin, etc. If you feel you need to replace your car’s shock absorbers, bring it to RoadCircles today. Our expert technicians are always ready to help you find the right component for your vehicle.

What are shock absorbers?

Shock absorbers are an essential part of the suspension system. They are specifically designed for reducing the effects of vibrations and bumps from the surface of the road. Apart from that, the shock absorbers work with the suspension system to maintain the handling and stability of the vehicle. They even help to reduce its braking distance.

If you want your ride to be as smooth as possible, it is essential to take care of your car’s shock absorbers. Get it checked at RoadCircles if you notice anything unusual. We will test the shocks and make sure it is in perfect working condition. If necessary, we will even replace it with a new one.

How does it work?

After being compressed, a spring releases its energy by flexing itself before settling in its final condition. Whenever your car goes over a bump, the springs get compressed. The flexing caused because of that can make it really hard to control the vehicle. That is where shock absorbers come into play. They dampen the natural movement of the springs (that is why they are also known as dampers).

A shock absorber has gas or hydraulic fluid in it. Upon compression, that fluid is forced into the other end of the unit by a piston. This design helps in restricting the sudden movement of the springs. As a result, the shift is softened, and you get a much comfortable ride in your vehicle.

When do you need to replace shock absorbers?

Finding out an issue with shock absorbers can be tricky. That is because the degradation of performance usually gradually happens over time. So, it is hard to notice exactly when the shock absorbers need replacement. It is better to get it checked out at least once every two years by technicians at RoadCircles.

Ideally, shock absorbers are capable of performing over an extended period of time. However, if you continue to drive on uneven roads, shock’s lifespan can decrease by a significant margin.

You can test the shock absorbers of your car on your own with a bounce test. Press and let go of any corner of your vehicle. See how many times it bounces before coming to rest. If it jumps more than once, it could be an indication of faulty shock absorbers. You should get it inspected by our professional technicians if that happens.

The effects of faulty shock absorbers go beyond the handling capabilities. Even the safety of your vehicle can be compromised. It also results in the tyres wearing out prematurely. So, it is recommended to get expert assistance. Visit RoadCircles for any service related to shock absorbers.