Is your vehicle emitting smoke from exhaust? Have you noticed a drop in performance over a period as you drive your car? 

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, whether it operates on diesel or petrol, the combustion of the fuel in the engine leads to the formation and build-up of carbon deposits within the engine. These deposits severely affect the engine performance and lead to decreased mileage and increase in emissions.

If you are looking to restore the engine performance, improve the mileage, and reduce the emissions, you must opt for TerraClean Decarbonising service at Roadcircles.

What is TerraClean and how does it work?

TerraClean technology, developed by Canadian scientists, is the unique and efficient decarbonising cleaning system that removes the carbon and other contaminants that have built up in your engine over time.

The petrol that you use consists of two components – Aliphatic fuel and Aromatic fuel. Upon combustion, Alphatic fuel burns quickly and leaves a negligible amount of carbon deposit, but generates very little power. The other component, Aromatic fuel, does not burn easily but produces great power upon combustion. The issue is Aromatic never combusts completely and leaves behind a large amount of carbon deposits that build over time in the combustion chamber, lambda sensors, exhaust ports, inlet valves, fuel injectors and few other parts.

What TerraClean does is it first cleans the inlet valves injection system, which would enable a cleaner fuel burn. In the next stage, the fuel with Aliphatic component only is passed through the TerraClean machine, where it is given a passive negative electrical charge through a process called columbic fractionation. This negative charge turns fuel from a liquid form into vapour, which enters the engine. The deposits in the engine carry a positive electrical charge that gets attracted to the negative charge and subsequently reacts to convert the carbon into carbon dioxide, which is then removed through the exhaust pipe. 

The principle remains the same for Diesel engines as well, in which DPF and Exhaust Gas Recirculation system are cleaned thoroughly.

The final result is a much cleaner engine that is highly efficient, runs quieter, and significantly improved emissions and mileage. 

Benefits of TerraClean

The benefits of TerraClean are as follows:

Boosts performance

Improves fuel efficiency

Prolongs the lifespan of essential vehicle components

Smoother and quieter ride

Immediate improvement in overall vehicle performance

Opt for TerraClean Decarbonising Service at Roadcircles

The TerraClean UK car owners must take advantage of is provided by Roadcircles garage in UK. Here we offer this revolutionary decarbonising cleaning service for petrol as well as diesel engines.

We also offer TerraClean DPF and EGR cleaning.