Tyre Tips & Advice

Before you Buy Tyres!

One of the most challenging decisions that car owners face is deciding the type of tyres right for their vehicle.

Well, the answer to this difficulty isn't that straightforward!

Numerous factors come into play that affects efficiency and life-span of the tyre. There are a few basic questions you must ask yourself, and considerations you must take into account before purchasing the tyres.

Essential Factors to Consider Before You Buy Tyres

  • Consider climatic conditions throughout the year of the area where you live. Does it rain often? Are winters too snowy?
  • Consider road condition in the area where you live or often drive. Do you drive more often on country roads or motorways?
  • Consider your usual driving behaviour. Do you have to drive in heavy traffic regularly where you need to brake often? Do you drive at high speeds usually?

Answering these basic questions can go a long way in helping you to make a decision to pick the right set of tyres for your vehicle.

Along with the essential factors mentioned above, you must also,

Consider Vehicle History

If you have recently bought a brand new vehicle, then the tyres already fitted to it are most likely to be manufacturer-recommended and perfect for your car. Refer the vehicle booklet as well for tyre recommendations.

If you bought a second-hand vehicle, then there is a possibility that the tyres already fitted to the car may or may not be suitable for it. In this case, you must contact one of our tyre experts who will help you decide in picking the tyres best suited to your vehicle.

Lastly, Consider Tyre Price

Like with any other product, the price plays a crucial role in the decision-making process of car owners while buying new tyres. However, it is not always necessary that the expensive tyres are the best tyres on the market. Visit our Tyres page to browse through an extensive range of cheap, yet high-quality tyres.

We are here to Help You!

Because of the sheer number of brands and the types of tyres available in the market, the decision to point a finger on a single set of tyres out of millions may seem formidable. Sure, you will have your friends and neighbours with you, sharing their views and recommendations regarding the tyres you must buy for your car. But we believe its always best to take help from the experts. Our tyre experts will not only help you make a right decision but, most importantly, also an informed decision.

We are willing to lend you our help hand!