Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

As a car owner, you must take great pride in how your car looks. You probably change the seat covers the moment they get dirty or put a fresh coat of paint whenever dents and scratches are visible.

However, do you look out for the more dangerous issues like wheel balancing?

At Roadcircles we are serious about issues that can cause trouble when you are driving on the road. Wheel balancing is one such issue.

When your car’s wheels are imbalanced, even a minor jolt at a relatively lower speed will severely affect the ride quality and handling. Properly balanced wheels help increase the service life of your car tyres. It also improves the gas mileage of your car.

That’s why we have a team of expert technicians at our wheel balancing garage who will make sure your car wheels are correctly balanced. We are one of the most reputed service garages in the UK.

How do you know if your car’s wheels need balancing?

Your car will give you a host of signs whenever the wheels need balancing. Let’s talk about a few of them so that you can understand if they are balanced or not.

  1. Can you feel a constant vibration through the steering wheels, even if you are driving at moderate speed? This is one of the most prominent signs of imbalanced wheels. If the tyres are not in proper contact with the road, you will feel it through the steering. The moment you detect this issue, bring your car immediately to our wheel balancing garage. We will fix it in no time.
  2. If your car starts guzzling fuel, even if every other component like the engine and exhaust are in perfect condition, you might want to bring it to us so that we can take a look at its wheel balancing. If the wheels are not properly balanced, your car needs to spend a lot more energy for the same amount of work, thus increasing the fuel consumption.
  3. Another common and proven sign of wheel imbalance is uneven wear of the tyres. As they touch the road unevenly, they start to wear out unevenly, and a lot quicker. This is a dead giveaway that your car needs wheel balancing.

Roadcircles and wheel balancing

We can give you numerous reasons why wheel balancing is essential, and you must check it periodically to make sure your car is not underperforming. You will feel an inevitable loss of control at high speeds, tackling a corner will be difficult, and your car’s fuel efficiency will decrease if your wheels are not balanced.

You don’t have to worry though. The moment you see any sign of wheel imbalance, bring your car to our wheel balancing garage, and we will fix it in no time. We have a team of expert technicians who will use top-of-the-line detectors to measure and place counterweights at the exact places, effectively nullifying the imbalance.

Bring your car to our garage today. You can also book an appointment via phone and avoid the queue.