About Us

Paul Phillips, who also owns Phillips Tyres, is the founder of RoadCircles. He has decades of experience in the automobile and tyre trade industry. With his experience and a broad range of network spread across the globe, RoadCircles is well positioned to fulfil all your vehicle needs.

We aim to revolutionise the way UK motorists get new tyres and other garage services and subsequently expand our offerings across the world.

Best Tyre Sellers in the Market

Buying a tyre was never this easy! With the 'tyre search' feature on our website, you just need to pick the size compatible to your vehicle and then choose the tyres from brands of your choice in a couple of clicks.

Roadcircles provides tyres of most excellent quality at the best prices. Dunlop, Michelin, Hankook, Bridgestone, Continental; put your finger on a brand name, and you will get it at Roadcircles. Moreover, our tyre experts will assist you through all steps of the buying process and make sure that you make an informed decision.

Complete Garage Solutions Provider

No more waiting in the long queues waiting for your turn! Avail comprehensive vehicular services and repairs swiftly with our online booking system. Whether you need the exhaust fixed or batteries replaced; whether you need your car engine diagnosed or terra-cleaned; whether you need your vehicle ready for the crucial MOT test; any help your car needs, will be provided at Roadcircles garage in Rotherham.