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Popular Taurus Tyres

Ultra-high-performance - These Taurus ultra-high-performance tyres can provide high levels of performance at top speeds.

  • Silica rubber compound
  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • Asymmetric tread pattern

High Performance - This range of tyres guarantee superior driving performance in dry and wet conditions.

  • High reliability
  • Increased lifespan
  • Reduced fuel consumption

701 SUV - These are 4*4 tyres that enhance the durability and safety of the vehicle.

  • High-performance 4*4 tyre
  • Thicker sidewalls
  • Unparalleled grip

Light Truck 101 - This Taurus Light Truck 101 is a commercial tyre, providing optimal performance in all conditions.

  • 16-inch rim size
  • High wet grip rating
  • Two variants

Taurus Tyres - Taurus tyres belong to the mid-price tyre segment. Their key competence lies in producing tyres for passenger vehicles, agricultural machinery and lorries. Taurus tyres are widely known for their improved handling performance, better cornering, improved traction, etc.

All Tyres by Taurus

Ultra-high-performance - These ultra-high-performance tyres provide optimal performance at top speeds.

High Performance 401 - It's a high-performance vehicle tyre, ensuring steering precision and reliable stability.

Light Truck 101 - These tyres provide high wet grip performance and ensure low noise levels.

701 SUV - The Taurus 701 SUV consists of 4 longitudinal grooves in the tread pattern, evacuating water rapidly and preventing hydroplaning.

Touring - These are perfect summer car tyres, ensuring superior performance and grip in hot conditions.

All-season - As the name implies, all-weather tyres operate smoothly in all conditions throughout the year.

Road Terrain - These tyres belongs to the category of 4*4 tyres. They provide superior performance in off-road conditions.

Winter 601 - The Taurus winter 601 is perfect for extreme cold weather, providing high performance in freezing conditions.

High-performance - These are high-performance tyres that guarantee top performance in wet and dry conditions.

Touring 301 - It's a passenger car tyre, offering increased aquaplane resistance and exceptional stability to the drivers.