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A flat tyre can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. But, such a situation is avoidable if you wisely switch to run-flat tyres. It can be a game-changing addition to your automobile! At Roadcircles, we partner with several tyre shops across the UK to provide you with an extensive collection of run flat tyres for all makes and models of vehicles.

Buy Run Flat Tyres Online

To make the purchase, furnish a few details on our website, such as your vehicle registration number or its tyre size details, along with your postcode. On processing this information, our website will display a list of our partner tyre shops in your vicinity. Then, you can browse through the available variants and buy run flat tyres.

What are Run Flat Tyres?

Run flats are specifically constructed to remain functional in the case of a sudden tyre air pressure loss. They are of the following types: Self-sealing, Auxiliary supported, and Self-supporting.

Why Should You Switch from Standard Tyres to Run Flats?

A tyre puncture can take place at any time, thereby leading to risky situations. Although a spare can come in handy, you must have the necessary know-how to install it. Therefore, we recommend a less complex solution, which is to equip your car with run-flat tyres. These tyres come with the following features and benefits:

1. Run flats come built in a way that supports an automobile’s weight in the event of a puncture.

2. They allow motorists to continue driving on a flat tyre for a distance of about 50 miles at 50 mph. So, one can drive the car safely till a service station can be located in the vicinity.

3. Run flats ensure that your safety on the road is never compromised.

4. Motorists can have increased boot space in their car as they need not always carry a spare.

5. Run flat tyres offer enhanced fuel mileage.

Tyre Variants that You Can Purchase

When buying run flats from our partner garages, you can take a pick from leading tyre brands that offer top-notch performance and quality. Some popular tyre brands are as follows:


and more!

When in doubt, you can pick one from our all time customer favourites, which includes the following tyre models:

1. Continental PremiumContact 6
2. Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT
3. HankookVentus S1 evo3