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Winter tyres, as the name suggests, are ideal for use in cold wintery conditions. The precise time to use it would be when the temperature drops below 7°C in the UK. These tyres contain a high level of silica and natural rubber compound that prevents them from hardening up, like summer tyres, and stay flexible even at low temperatures.

The tread design of a winter tyre has deeper grooves and narrow sipes. Moreover, the number of sipes and the groove ratio is also significantly more prominent than the standard tyre. This design enables the tyre to disperse the water and snow, thereby offering superior traction and increased contact area to the road surface.

Why Buy Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres offer numerous benefits compared to other tyres in the cold season. By setting up your vehicle with winter tyres, you'll experience:

  • Reduced braking distance on the snowy road surface.
  • Superior grip and steering control on any kind of slippery surface, whether it is snowy or wet; thanks to the softer tyre compound and tread design.
  • Improved cornering on ice.
  • Increased safety while driving in cold season. The risk fo aquaplaning is significantly reduced.
  • Less risk of getting stuck in deeper snow surface because of deeper grooves.

Understanding the Difference between Winter Tyres and Summer Tyres

While winter tyres are recommended for use at temperatures below 7°C, Summer tyres are recommended to be used when the temperature rises above 7°C, i.e., typically around spring and autumn seasons.

But what is right for you? To know that, you must first understand the difference between Summer tyres and Winter tyres.

Watch this video by Engineering Explained here to understand the difference between Summer tyres and Winter tyres:


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