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Are you looking for the Air Conditioning services for your vehicle?

About Air Condition Services

The air-conditioner of your vehicle is responsible for blowing cool air inside the passenger cabin, so you may experience enhanced comfort while driving on hot summer days. Further, a car's air conditioner removes the moisture from the air and keeps the windows free from frost when driving in cold atmospheres. Also, a properly working air-conditioner helps you to maintain an optimal composure when the temperatures are at the peak. If you notice any issues within your car's ac system, you must get it recharged to avoid experiencing hot and no air inside the passenger compartment. Book your car air conditioning recharge at leading garages in the UK via our website.

What is a car ac recharge?

Air conditioning recharge refers to filling up your vehicle's AC system with the required refrigerant levels to efficiently cool the hot air before reaching the passenger compartment. The service includes a thorough inspection of your car's AC compressor to prevent the refrigerant from leaking. Once done, experts at our partnered garages will locate your car's AC port near the engine bay and fill it with manufacturer specified refrigerant levels.

Reasons for car ac failure

Refrigerant Leakage

Improper or excessive use of the air-conditioning system may result in refrigerant leakage near the ac hose unit connections. This may cause you to experience hot or no air from the ac vents inside the passenger compartment.

Electrical malfunctions

Any short circuits or broken electrical wires near the ac connections may lead your ac vents to lose connection with the condenser and compressor. Therefore, if you experience issues with your ac, ensure to book car air conditioning repair service via Roadcircles at a garage near you.

Improper cooling fans

Any cracks or damages within your car's ac cooling fans may overheat the condenser. This will lead hot air to blow in the passenger compartment through the ac vents.

Disadvantages of driving with improper car ac

Reduced driving comfort

Hot air through the ac vents causes nausea, uneasiness, increased sweating, especially on hot summer days.

Costly Replacements

A faulty air conditioner with insufficient refrigerant levels may damage other components of the ac system. This results in heavy maintenance and expensive car ac replacement costs.

Symptoms of car ac failure

  • Loud noises from the compressor
  • Hot air blown through the ac vents.
  • Vibrations inside the condenser unit
  • Signs of leakage near the engine bay
  • Strong smell inside the passenger compartment

Book your service!

Roadcircles works closely with top-rated garages in the UK to provide you with excellent ac recharge and ac repair services. In case you are experiencing problems with the ac of your car, book an ac repair service via Roadcircles at your nearest garage today.

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