Brake Pad Replacement


Imagine you are out for a drive on a bright sunny day through the streets when all of a sudden another vehicle cuts in front of you. If your brakes are not working as they should be, you are most certainly going to crash with that unfortunate vehicle.

Thus, a brake is not only an essential part of your car; it is also responsible for keeping you safe. So, if you have a malfunctioning brake, then bring your vehicle to RoadCircles immediately for a brake repair.

The brake and the cutch are the two parts of your car that have to endure most of the brunt. So it is only natural that you pay extra attention to them.

With our highly trained and capable workforce, RoadCircles has become a rage across the UK, especially when it comes to providing brake services.

How to Identify a Worn Out Brake

It is slightly hard for a regular driver to determine whether or not there is something wrong with the brakes. Please allow us to give you some of the tell-tale signs:

Noise: Do you get a screeching sound once you apply your brakes? If you do, then it is a clear sign that your brake pads have started to wear out.

Don’t panic if this happens. Bring over your car to our garage for a brake pad replacement.

Sudden vibrations: This usually happens when you start steering. It is a sign that your brakes are misaligned.

Warning lights: The Anti-lock Braking System light will turn itself on signalling that your brakes require immediate attention.

Leak: This one is perhaps the most feared of them all. Brakes become entirely inactive once there is a leakage of fluids inside the brake compartment.

If you face any such situation, don’t hesitate to contact us. RoadCircles will most certainly take care of the issue.

Now let us go through some different types of brakes

In the current automobile market, the two most widely used forms of brakes are:

  • Disc brakes: They consist of a calliper and a brake pad. When you apply pressure on the pedals, the brake fluid ensures the callipers bring the brake pads and discs in contact. This causes friction, which in turn converts your car’s kinetic energy into heat, thus bringing your car to a halt.
  • Drum brake: This type of brakes consists of a brake drum and brake shoes. What makes your car stop is the application of pressure on the pedals. This causes the hydraulic cylinder to release brake fluids to cause friction between the drum and the shoes, and your car slowly comes to a halt.

For any problem regarding these brakes, feel free to contact us. We offer one of the best services concerning brake repair.

ABS- for extra protection

More than often it happens that the tyres skid through the turf when you apply too much pressure on the on the brakes. It is even more dangerous when the car is moving at top speed.

To avoid this kind of unfortunate incident from happening, ABS, which stands for Anti-lock Braking System, is used by most vehicles. They make sure that the excess pressure you put on the brakes gets converted into evenly applied pressure. There’s an electric indicator which tells you what the maximum force should be.

Brake services at RoadCircles

We at RoadCircles believe in providing you with complete services-be it for brakes, tyres, suspension or any other thing.

Our expert technicians offer state-of-the-art brake service and brake pad replacement. So, please don’t think twice before calling us if you need any assistance for brake repair in any place in the U.K. where we have a garage.