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When it comes to buying tyres for your vehicle, choosing the correct tyre size is critical. Accurate tyre size is vital for steering precision and stable vehicle control.

We, at Roadcircles, have curated this guide on car tyre size to help you make an informed decision when buying tyres. Take a look:

What is Tyre Size?

It is an alphanumeric code embossed on a tyre’s sidewall. This code indicates the dimensional as well as structural details of a tyre. Every automobile has a prescribed tyre size, which must be strictly adhered to for the efficient functioning of the vehicle.

For a clearer understanding of the same, allow us to present an example:

Let’s take 185/60 R14 82H as a sample car tyre size. Here, the alphanumeric code reveals the following information:

185: This figure stands for the width of a car tyre’s sidewalls measured in millimetres. This number remains the same in both the sidewalls.

60: The second component stands for the height of a tyre, called the aspect ratio. It is the percentage of the tyre’s width.

R:This alphabet implies that the tyre has radial construction.

14: It is the diameter of the wheel rim, expressed in inches.

82: This number stands for the load index of a tyre. It denotes that the tyre can carry up to 475 kilograms of load.

H: It is the speed rating of a tyre, which implies that the tyre can speed up to 130 mph.

Here, motorists may not be familiar with terms like ‘load index’ and ‘speed rating’. So, these are defined below:

Load index: It is the maximum weight that a tyre is engineered to carry. For example, tyres indexed at 70 have a maximum load capacity of 335 kilograms.

Speed rating: It refers to the highest speed that a tyre can tolerate at full load.

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