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Popular Riken Tyres

Ultra-High Performance - These ultra-high-performance Riken tyres ensure outstanding control at fast speeds.

  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern
  • Better traction

This winter tyre comes with a deeper tread pattern and high sipe density. In addition, this model has a unique rubber composition that has more silica in it. As a result, you can expect this tyre to retain its flexibility in low temperatures, alongside exhibiting superior stability and steering control.

Road Performance - Designed by Riken, these units deliver excellent on-road performance.

  • Silica Compound
  • High control at fast speeds
  • Increased overall performance

Cargo - Riken Cargo tyres deliver high stability and control to light trucks.

  • Excellent stopping performance
  • Asymmetric tread design
  • Improved performance

701 - These units are ideal for SUVs, providing exceptional performance and preventing hydroplaning.

  • Efficient water dispersion
  • Better grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Thicker sidewall construction

Riken Tyres - Founded in 1917, Riken is a Japanese tyre manufacturer. They produce tyres for all types of vehicles, including SUVs and passenger cars. Riken tyres are available at affordable prices. They have a long track record of high-quality using avant-garde facilities and European production techniques.

All Tyres by Riken

Ultra-high Performance - These tyres provide exceptional control and better stability in all conditions.

Road Performance - Their asymmetrical tread pattern delivers better control at high driving speeds.

Winter Tyre - The special compound in Riken winter tyres allows them to remain supple in low temperatures, providing better grip and braking performance.

All-Star 2 - The All-star 2 tyres from Riken deliver outstanding performance in all weather conditions.

May storm 2 - These are high-performance tyres that ensure brilliant performance in summer conditions.

Urban Ready S - This range of Riken tyres is an all-position truck tyre, offering increased durability.

On Off Ready S - The Riken On Off Ready S tyres are truck tyres that ensure increased handling and cornering performance.

On Off Ready D - These truck tyres have a robust construction and provide increased traction and grip on muddy surfaces.

701 - These Riken units deliver excellent SUV performance.

Cargo Winter - The Riken truck tyres deliver a comfortable and smooth driving performance.

Road Ready D - These tyres provide outstanding traction in soft road conditions.

SUV Snow - These are SUV tyres that provide optimal performance in wintry conditions.

Snowtime B2 - Riken Snowtime B2 tyres are economy winter tyres, providing improved grip on ice, snow and wet surfaces.

Snowtime - These are excellent winter tyres that provide better grip and traction in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius.