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Who Are We?

We are Roadcircles, a company incorporated under the Companies Act. This page will discuss all the crucial terms and conditions that one needs to adhere to while opting for our products and services via our website.

By “conditions”, we refer to the terms and conditions of the website.

By “contract”, we mean the contract for the sale and purchase of goods as evidenced and constituted by the Customer's Order and the Order Confirmation.

By “customer”, we mean the person whose product or service order is accepted by Roadcircles.

Hereon, the terms “we”, “us”, and “the company” refer to Roadcircles.

1. Website Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions laid out on this website establish a legally binding contract between you and us. Therefore, if you decide and continue to use this website, we will take this as understood that you agree with all the said terms and conditions of Roadcircles. However, in case you do not agree with the said terms and conditions, it is suggested that you leave the website immediately.

Also, please note that Roadcircles reserves the sole right to revise or change the terms and conditions at any given point in time at our own discretion. These changes or revisions might take place from time to time, and there will not be any prior intimation to you regarding the same. Hence, your continued use of our website with this knowledge will be taken as approval that you are aware of such possible revisions or changes.

In addition, at times, we might also include additional terms and conditions depending on the scenario. For example, terms and conditions regarding special discounts on purchasing tyres or scheduling a fitting appointment at the nearest local garage. Therefore, even if the additional terms and conditions conflict with the terms and conditions of using this website, the additional terms and conditions will still prevail.

2. About Hyperlinking this Website

All users of this website must abide by the linking rules strictly. In case you intend to link our website anywhere, you mandatorily need to take our permission first. To take our permission, you can email us the details of the webpage that you wish to link as well as the website on which you want to link our webpage to.

However, please note that we do not allow the display of any web page which is a part of this website in html frame unless we explicitly offer our approval in official writing.

2.1. About Copyright

While using the phrase website information, it refers to texts, details, graphics, images, Alt texts, applets, as well as scripts that are operating in this website or at least form a part of this website.

Thereby, all intellectual property or IP, including without copyright and without limitation, which are a part of the website information solely belong to Roadcircles.

You have the permission to view the website information of the company in a suitable web browser, but only for private viewing purposes. However, please note that you do not have the right to copy the website information or a part of it for any purpose whatsoever without our prior consent. In case any part of our website information is copyright-free, or without any limitation, we will let you know beforehand. All in all, note that nothing in the website's terms and conditions constitutes the license to copy or use the website information unless you have official permission from us for the same.

At times and in certain parts of our website, we might use graphics and images for which we do not have the copyright. In all such cases, we will always acknowledge the copyright owner rightfully.

2.2. Terms and Conditions about the Accuracy of Website Information

The website information is subject to changes from time to time as well as according to the circumstance. Roadcircles does not represent, endorse or warrant the accuracy of any website information. Therefore, we will not be liable for any action that you might take based on the website information, and all such actions will be taken entirely at your own risk and not us whatsoever. Further, we also reserve full rights to execute any changes or revisions to the website information without the liability to inform you beforehand.

In case, we add hyperlinks to any external website, please note that we are not responsible for the external website's content in any manner. The information directed through such hyperlinks is not under our control, and in no manner do we take any responsibility for the same.

The Roadcircles website, like any other website for that matter, is not immune to the threats of vandalism and cyber-squatting. If any information appears on our website as a result of vandalism, cyber-squatting and similar events, we are not liable for the consequences and are not responsible for the same either.

The core operation of this website has a lot to do with the information provided by you and any third-party websites. Therefore, Roadcircles is not liable for the accuracy of the information provided to this website by any third-party course or you.

However, our terms and conditions also include a provision to receive and address complaints. Therefore, in case you have any issue or complaint regarding the information displayed on this website, you can email us at shaftesbury@dcmtyres.co.uk. On receiving your complaints via email, we shall investigate the matter and take any action based solely on our discretion.

3. Image Disclaimer

The tyre images that are used on the Roadcircles website are only illustrative. Therefore, the tread patterns specifically might vary depending on the tyre size and dimensions.

4. About Service Interruptions and the Internet

Roadcircles, like any other website on the World Wide Web, does not exercise any control over the Internet. It is, after all, a global public network of computers and the method you implement to access the websites. As a result, we will take no responsibility in case of any service interruptions, virus attacks or other internet-related issues that might happen through this website.

5. About Your Personal Information

Besides the information furnished so far, we also have separate terms and conditions when it comes to the use of your personal information. Make sure you read all the privacy policies discussed on this website.

6. About Cookies

This website also makes use of cookies. These cookies are basically data that are held in your web browser. These do not by themselves identify who you are or any of your personal data. Personal data includes name, address, email ID or any other similar piece of information. The sole purpose of using cookies is to monitor how you use our website.

7. About Our Liability to You

Abiding by the UK laws, Roadcircles excludes all liability to you in delict or contract. Also, we do not have any liability in case of any direct or indirect loss caused to you. Further, no pointer or aspect in these terms and conditions will or will be construed as purporting to, restrict or exclude liability with regards to the death or personal injury arising in the course of business operations or via the occupation of business premises.

Roadcircles is entirely under the UK laws, and all terms and conditions are governed by these laws. Therefore, the concerned court will have jurisdiction in case of any sort of dispute between us, be it in the case of terms and conditions or pertaining to the use of this website.