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Popular Kleber Tyres

Kleber Transpro

With a specialised design and hard rubber compound, this Kleber summer tyre delivers unmatched performance during summers. This model also offers enhanced braking, handling and responsiveness on dry and wet summer tracks.

KleberKrisalp HP2

This winter tyre comes with a deeper tread pattern and high sipe density. In addition, this model has a unique rubber composition that has more silica in it. As a result, you can expect this tyre to retain its flexibility in low temperatures, alongside exhibiting superior stability and steering control.

Transalp 2

This tyre model offers a safe driving experience during the winter season. Its unique construction and specialised rubber compound render exceptional aquaplaning resistance on snow and slush and lower the rolling resistance.

Quadraxer 2

This Kleber all-season variant is composed of a silica-infused rubber compound that enables a longer tread life. Furthermore, its specialised tread design ensures optimal performance on various road conditions throughout the year.

Buy Kleber Tyres from Us

Established in 1910, Kleber is a well-known tyre manufacturing company based in France. It offers a range of high-grade tyres for passenger cars and vans.

At Roadcircles, we have partnered with reliable tyre shops that stock a diverse collection of Kleber tyres. If you plan on buying top-notch tyres for your vehicle, enter your car registration number and area code details in the tyre finder section on our website and browse through an extensive collection to place your order.