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Top Tyres from Avon

Avon ZX7

This tyre model is engineered with a harder rubber compound than the standard tyres. It incorporates a unique groove design that facilitates superior grip on dry and wet road surfaces alike. In addition, the tyres allow enhanced car handling and deliver higher rolling resistance.

WV7 Snow

This Avon winter tyre comes with high sipe density and a deep tread pattern. As a result, it can effectively disperse slush and snow, which reduces the risks of aquaplaning. The model has a softer rubber compound with more silica ensures that helps it remain supple and flexible during the harsh winter months.

AS7 All Season

The Avon AS7 combines the characteristics of summer and winter tyres, wherein the design delivers absolute control and traction on every seasonal road. This all-season variant features an asymmetric design in its treads, ensuring dependable performance all year round.

Avon AX7

This tyre is suitable for motorists who frequently drive on challenging and uneven terrains. This 4X4 tyre from Avon features reinforced sidewalls and an extremely sturdy build that allows it to deliver unparalleled steering control and load-bearing ability in rough road conditions.

About Avon

A leading name in the global tyre industry since 1904, Avon manufactures high-quality and durable tyres. It is also a supplier of original equipment or OE to several renowned brands such as Triumph, TVR, KTM, Morgan Motor Company and Caterham.

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