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Laws in the UK mandate all tyres to come with a label attached. This label includes several details about a tyre, such as its wet track grip, noise emission, etc. The EU tyre label, introduced in 2012, saw an upgrade in 2021 with slight modifications.

A Closer Look at the EU Tyre Label

As mentioned earlier, an EU tyre label indicates meaningful information about tyres. These details include the following:

Wet Grip: The wet grip rating ranges between the letters A and E. This rating denotes a tyre’s stopping distance on wet surfaces, with an A-rated tyre exhibits the highest wet grip and an E-rated one having the least grip on wet surfaces.

Fuel Efficiency: This rating also ranges between the letters A and E. Therefore, an A-rated tyre marked in green offers the highest fuel efficiency. On the other hand, E-rated tyres marked in red deliver a low fuel mileage.

Noise Emission: Before the updates in 2021, the noise emission of a tyre was denoted by a sound-bar format. However, presently, it is rated by letter A to C. A-rated tyres emit the least noise that ranges between 67dB and 71dB. C-rated tyres’ noise emission ranges from 72dB and 77dB.

Additional Information in the EU Tyre Label

Alongside the above-mentioned details, the current EU tyre label also includes the following information:

  • A tyre’s sidewall bears a 3-peak mountain snowflake icon. This symbol indicates whether a tyre can perform on snow-covered roads.
  • Every tyre model now comes with an identifier in the form of a QR code. So, motorists can scan this code to gain additional insights into their tyre’s details.

Be assured, we are here to take up all your doubts; or if have any tyre related queries, or wish to make a tyre purchase, feel free to connect with us!