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Popular Tyres from Continental

ContiSportContact 5P

A summer tyre for high-performance endeavours and sporting vehicles, the ContiSport is noted for its precision and handling. Perfect grip and stability during handling are some of its other understated features. Winning the test in AutoBild’s category for best summer tyre in 2014, the tyre is going strong in popularity even today.

WinterContact TS 870 P

A brand new expression of CoolChili technology offers enhanced grip even in wet conditions. This molecular make-up guarantees lower rolling resistance and high mileage. Enjoy precise and perfect handling with an intelligent sipe pattern. Choose these deeply grooved tyres for a safer and better driving experience in winter.


The tyre passes overall control of the vehicle over to you with excellent road feedback and response. The slightest of commands are relayed to the tyre, and precision turning and handling are the results. Repose faith in these sturdy products as you trust these to tide you over summer rains and winter snowstorms. Also, expect reliable driving efficiency and performance.

Eco Contact 5

These tyres are built, keeping in mind the comfort and safety of drivers who cover higher mileage. It features a redesigned sidewall for enhanced traction and control. This variant reduces rolling resistance, ensuring better fuel efficiency. Also, it lowers CO2 emissions.

About Continental

Continental celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2021. One of the largest tyre manufacturing brands worldwide, Continental has teamed up with Vitesco Technologies to demonstrate the possibilities of clean mobility. Lightweight tyre design seems to be at the top of the list in this endeavour.

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