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Well known Pirelli Tyres

P7 Cinturato

The P7 Cinturato offers enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions while driving. Moreover, this tyre belongs to the Green Performance range by Pirelli.

  • Improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Excellent braking on both wet and dry roads
  • Offers impressive steering response

P Zero

It is an ultra-high-performance tyre by Pirelli, manufactured for sports cars and high-end luxury vehicles.

  • Ultra-high-performance tyre
  • Get impressive handling and braking performance
  • Enhanced aquaplaning resistance

P Zero (PZ4)

The P Zero (PZ4) is an ultra-high-performance tyre available for sports cars and top-range vehicles.

  • Ultra-high-performance tyre
  • Delivers comfortable drive
  • Improved wet performance due to high silica content

Scorpion Verde

This tyre is made for luxury cars and SUVs to deliver impressive comfort and control.

  • Reliable performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Available with an on-road tread design
  • Manufactured with eco-compatible materials

About Pirelli

Pirelli is currently the 5th largest tyre company worldwide and a top contender in manufacturing premium-quality and durable tyres. Founded in 1872, the company now has 19 state-of-the-art tyre industrial plants scattered across different continents and distributes tyres in over 160 countries across the globe. The Italian tyre manufacturer has won multiple awards and is the tyre supplier to various motorsport events. Pirelli's association with luxury car brands such as Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini itself speaks volumes of the quality material and premium designs that it offers.

All Tyres by Pirelli

P7 Cinturato

The P7 Cinturato is a tyre from the Green Performance tyre series by Pirelli, created to reduce CO2 emissions and offer better fuel efficiency.

P Zero

It is an ultra-high-performance tyre offered by Pirelli for sports cars and luxury vehicles.

Scorpion Verde All Season

The Scorpion Verde All-Season is perfect for 4x4 car owners looking to get reliable performance throughout the year.

Scorpion Verde

This Pirelli tyre allows enhanced performance and comfort to premium cars and SUVs.


The P6000 by Pirelli delivers enhanced comfort and wet traction, along with excellent sporty handling.

P Zero Nero GT

The P Zero Nero GT is perfect for car owners looking to improve on-road performance and wear resistance.

P Zero Rosso

The P Zero Rosso offers a comfortable drive with low noise. Moreover, this tyre is perfect for car owners seeking enhanced wet and dry handling.

Scorpion Zero

The Scorpion Zero is an ultra-high-performance tyre that comes with striking tread patterns.

P1 Cinturato Verde

The P1 Cinturato Verde delivers a safe drive in wet and dry weather conditions, along with reduced fuel consumption.

P Zero (PZ4)

The P Zero (PZ4) is a well-known ultra-high-performance tyre made for premium and sports cars.

P7 Cinturato Blue

The P7 Cinturato Blue offers reduced rolling resistance and offer decreased fuel consumption.

P Zero Nero

The P Zero Nero by Pirelli offers precise cornering, impressive grip, and maximum safety on wet roads.

Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

The Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico caters to the needs of light trucks and SUV owners looking to get impressive safety while driving.


The P7 comes with an asymmetric tread design and broad inner ribs to offer enhanced braking and stability.

Scorpion STR

The Scorpion STR offers improved cornering performance, comfortable handling and an outstanding wet grip.

P7 Cinturato Seal Inside

The P7 Cinturato Seal Inside tyre comes with innovative technology that allows you to drive 50 miles at 50 mph even through a puncture.

P Zero (PZ4) NCS

The P-Zero NCS by Pirelli is a performance tyre designed for summer conditions to get improved performance.

P Zero Asimmetrico

The P Zero Asimmetrico comes with an asymmetric tread pattern to offer excellent handling and braking performance.

Scorpion Verde Seal Inside

The intelligent design of Scorpion Verde Seal Inside by Pirelli provides excellent 4x4 performance.

Winter Sottozero 3 (Winter Tyre)

The Winter Sottozero 3 (Winter Tyre) provides excellent winter performance to high-end premium vehicles.


The Eufori tyre is made for impressive safety and stability at high speed and is available with run-flat technology.


The Carrier tyre by Pirelli comes with the latest tread pattern design and uses unique compounds to deliver the best van driving experience.

Scorpion Zero All Season

The Scorpion Zero All Season by Pirelli is a high-performance SUV tyre manufactured to offer a reliable driving experience throughout the year.

Cinturato All Season

The Cinturato All-Season by Pirelli helps deliver superior performance in all weathers.

Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II (Winter Tyre)

The Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II by Pirelli comes in 64 distinct variants.

Winter 240 Sottozero Serie II (Winter Tyre)

The Winter 240 Sottozero Serie II renders impressive traction in all kinds of winter conditions.

P6000 Powergy

The P6000 Powergy offers a high grip level while accelerating, cornering or braking.

Scorpion Zero All Season NCS

The Scorpion Zero All Season NCS is designed as a performance tyre for SUVs and premium vehicles.

Scorpion Winter (Winter Tyre)

The Scorpion Winter by Pirelli provides excellent performance in snowy conditions to SUVs and CUVs.

Carrier All Season

The Carrier All-Season by Pirelli is made for commercial vehicles and vans to offer impressive handling and mileage.