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Tyre Manufacturers - Continental Tyres

Buy Continental Tyres, a premium tyre brand, from Road Circles in the UK.

Experience beauty of German engineering by opting for top-quality tyres from German-based tyre brand, Continental Tyres. With an experience of over 140 years, Continental is currently among one of the largest tyre manufacturers and fourth largest tyre supplier in the world. One-third of all cars manufactured across Europe are fitted with Continental tyres.

Did you know that German Engineers of Continental Tyres were inventors of the first tyre tread way back in 1904?

Continental strives to bring innovations in safety through their continuous focus on research and development. Such focused approach has allowed them to develop tyres that provide maximum driving security with superior traction and control in harshest road conditions. Moreover, ABS and ECS stabilising tech is fitted into these tyres that control the rotation of the wheel while steering and braking.

Why Choose Continental Tyres

  • They are one of the best tyres around when it comes to braking.
  • German Engineering is known globally for its innovation and efficiency.
  • Continental's focused approach towards road safety makes it a trusted brand on the dry, wet, and snowy roads of the UK.
  • Continental tyres have been placed under “Best Buys” and “Highly Recommended” categories in numerous tyre tests and reviews since 2007. 
  • Continental was recognised as Tire Manufacturer of the Year by Tire Technology International in 2017. ContiPremiumContact 5 tyre won the Auto Express Ultimate Test and the winter tyre WinterContact TS 860 went on to win the Auto Express Winter Tyre Test in 2017.
  • Continental tyres are the preferred tyres of well-known car manufacturers such as BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and many more.
  • They are perfect for the winter conditions in the UK.

It is with great pride and joy that Road Circles has joined hands with Continental group to be one of their preferred tyre suppliers in the UK. Continental tyres price at Road Circles is unparalleled. Buy top performing and cheap Continental tyres online from our website or visit our workshop in Oxford. Gain the added benefit of free tyre fitting service that we offer to all the customers that buy Continental tyres from us.

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