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Tyre Manufacturers - Michelin Tyres

Road Circles is proud to offer high-performing Michelin Tyres to car owners and motorists across the UK. 

Michelin is a global brand with over 72 production units in 19 countries and marketing presence in 170 countries. Michelin Tyres made its way into the UK market in 1905 and opened its first factory in 1927. Shaping the history of motoring and transport, Michelin is currently one of the largest tyre manufacturing brands in the UK.

Michelin manufactures tyres of an excellent grade for cars, vans, SUVs and trucks through its production facilities in Ballymena and Dundee.

Why Buy Michelin Tyres

  • A superior grip that will allow you to drive safely on dry and wet roads.
  • Increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency, thanks to optimal rolling-resistance.
  • They offer excellent braking distance.
  • Recognised at AutoBild, Sport Auto and numerous other award ceremonies for its superior performance. 
  • If you want to experience true-speed and realise the full potential of your high-performance cars, then you must opt for Michelin high-performance tyres. Race car drivers highly prefer Michelin high-performance tyres.
  • Save money with durable and long-lasting tyres.
  • Michelin CrossClimate tyres and Michelin Alpin tyres are highly recommended for the mild as well as harsh winters in the UK. In fact, 97% users recommend these tyres during winters.

At Road Circles, we offer a wide range of high performing yet cheap Michelin tyres online to our customers in the UK. The Michelin tyres price from our stock is economical and budget-friendly. Add to this; we offer free tyre fitting service at our local workshop in Oxford to all our customers that purchase tyres from us.

Visit Road Circles in Oxford to buy Michelin tyres today.

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